Our Impact

Too many seniors in North Carolina are left behind, alone and hungry. We want and need to do more, and with your support, we can. 

Meals on Wheels of Orange County, NC serves some of the most at-risk individuals in our community. 

  • 78% of our recipients are 65 or older
  • 66% are female
  • 87% live alone
  • 47% are a racial or ethnic minority.
We provide much more than a meal. Friendly check-ins, every Monday-Friday provide unique opportunities to meet nutritional needs, combat social isolation and address safety hazards. For the majority of our recipients who live alone, the person delivering their meal is the only person they will see that day.
All our meals are subsidized, and 90% of our local recipients require support above the baseline subsidy to be able to receive a meal. No recipient is turned away due to lack of ability to pay. Thus, the majority of our recipients would not have access to a meal, a check-in, or the peace of mind and health benefits that both bring, without the generosity of our corporate sponsors and individual donors.
Every $2080 raised is another recipient that we can serve for a year.
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